I have always loved barns, probably since I grew up in Vermont!  I can see doing a series of barns in quilts.  I had fun trying different free motion machine stitches.  The top is raw edge pieces fused to muslin, then machine stitched.  The sky buckles a bit so I can see I need to work on my techniques but compared to my earliest work, I've come a long way!!

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5 thoughts on “Barn

  1. Your road is my favorite part of this piece… I love the colours you used to me it so viable and eye catching.

    YOur barn is done very well too… with the corners and things hitting just where they should.

    As for the ‘buckle’ you mentioned…. wouldn’t worry about it too much… perhaps you might try quilting in the ditch around the picture before you do the heavy part of your quilting.  I’m not sure it will work… I think it will on a small piece but a large piece would react differently.

    Other than that… you might try using a thinner batt!  Thin batts are really good for wall hangings since they aren’t needed for warmth.  If you can’t find a thinner batt, you might try taking your thicker batt apart so that it has half the loft.

    Just a suggestion,