Barn 2 close-up

This barn  was done in watercolor pencils and then I used aloe vera gel to "paint" the barn and background around it. It was placed on timtex and then I did a landscape quilt around it. I then did the thread play.

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5 thoughts on “Barn 2 close-up

  1. Thank you for sharing this.  Can you tell me if your water color penciles were spread by the aloe  in the same way water would on paper?  I heard of using textile medium for this and it makes it washable but I was very curious about the aloe myself.  Aloe is a staple in my studio too.

    You did a wonderful job on this quilt and I love the effect of this technique.  Thank you again for sharing and especially in the enlargements form.


  2. Fabulous!  Glad to see another quilt.  I have water color pencils but have not yet tried them on fabric.  I guess I will have to step out of my comfort zone and give it a try.

  3. Thank you all for the nice comments on my quilt. Whidbey what do you use the aloe vera for in your studio? Just for skin care? And, yes it makes the pencils run and color can sometimes over run the boundrys and so I try to go easy at the edges of two colors if I don’t want them to mix.      riverart, I hope you have a very relaxing time and how wonderful to have a friend with a quilt in the show! I’ll forgive you if the pencils are not a priority 🙂 Nancy

  4. I use the aloe as an extender for mixing into Tsuneko inks.  I use my paint brushes .  The aloe keeps the inks controlable with no running. And when the aloe dries it is gone and the inks can be ironed and permanent.  I can even paint the fabric first with aloe and it is less markers are less likely to run uncontrollably depending on the fabric.  I love painting faces with this method on silk. Everything looks like watercolor.

    I am going to try your colored pencils.  Thank you for the hints.