Beautiful Bones

Hand dyed background, free motion and hand embroidery, beading, 23×20", a play on the phrase "she had beautiful bone structure". What if our bones *are* beautiful?

I'm thrilled to see this finally in the Sept/Oct 2009 Cloth Paper Scissors!!!!!!!

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7 thoughts on “Beautiful Bones

  1. Thank you both! I am so proud of this piece—i’ve been famous for flitting about trying different things and ending up with a stack of unfinisheds, so the three months i spent on this really knock my own socks off :}

  2. Oh what a beautiful piece. I love your color choices and placements and the texture is just out of this world.  Thanks so much for sharing such a lovely piece! Nancy

  3. Thank you, sweeties :} If you could see this in person, it has quite soft a hand though it looks as if it would be stiff from all the stitching and beading.