Beautiful Nonsense

341/2L 53W

Beautiful Nonsense is the name of this latest art work which was a picture so stuck in my mind because I had watched so much of the oil spill in the Gulf on television. I thought of using some of the leak shots I had saved in an abstract fiber art work, and I decided to change things a little by giving a background that looked more like relief features.

Our environment has been so heavily impacted by this unfortunate oil spill, but I decided to tap into that negetive energy and turn it into a positive work of art.



Artist Statement

Fabrics used were African print and black Swiss linen.

Work is machine stitched, heavily trapunto'd, and machine quilted.

Work is also hand painted and meticulously hand beaded.


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11 thoughts on “Beautiful Nonsense

  1. Would love to see a detail shot of this piece. You can add one in the “Comments” section by clicking in the little green icon 1/2 way across on the tool bar.

  2. Thanks Nancy for  those nice words, but I treid what you adviced and it did not seem to work, however if you click ‘ view full size’ it will give you two extra sizes to view.  I hope that helps. come by again.

  3. This is such a great piece of art , you;ve done it again !  I clicked on the Full View and it filled my 21 inch. Desktop,  how wonderful, your stitching is so detailed.  Yes, the oil spill sure is a scarry thing, nice to to able to turn it into something more positive and beautiful. 

  4. Whew!  I’m stunned!

    This piece looks like a jewel…  Amazing how you have turned a tragedy into a beautiful work of art!

    No one will forget this horrible spill and anyone looking at this piece will not forget it either… but in an entirely different way.