Beaver Island Harbor Lighthouse

This quilt was inspired by a photograph. I brought the photo to life using lots of different elements. The bush on the left is thread lace using several different thread colors.. The iris is made from several different fabrics and layered. The top petal is three dimensional and has a wire in between the fabric layers so I can make the petal actually curve a bit on the edges. The iris is embellished with beads and some accent thread play. The yellow on the iris is made from dmc floss that I stitched down the middle and then clipped, so it is also dimensional. The lighthouse has been constructed of 2 layers…..bottom layer I painted the brick work and then added the top layer and carefully cut away so the brickwork I painted would now be exposed. The beacon is made from a wonderful shiny organza fabric…..I quilted it down and then added the top bit of the lighthouse. By quilting the beacon first, it is accented but the red crepe is flat and doesn't have the beacon stitched onto it. So, it looks like 2 seperate units. The harbor is at the horizon line.

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2 thoughts on “Beaver Island Harbor Lighthouse

  1. Since I am recently ‘into’ iris, I was very interested in ready your techniques. I think I now MUST make fuzzies of thread on at least one of my little beauties! Thanks! I may have to look into that thread lace thingy, also! :?}