This quilt was started some time ago.  Once I got to the quilting part I stalled.  Yesterday I finished it.  This is machine pieced and machine quilted, there is no fusing in the quilt.  I had trouble with the binding and was wondering why it was not going on nice.  I figured it out and had to redo a section of it.  It wasn't square! 🙂  oops!  I started doing this type of piecing about a year ago.  I have another finished  and is in a gallery show.  You can see it on line at:

Click on "Quilts with a Kick" then scroll down to click for more quilts.  It's called I See London I See France.

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8 thoughts on “Bedtime

  1. This is awsome!!!  I love the topic most of all.  Secondly I love the colors, the way the bed Quilt pops and how the the “quilt” is traditional piecing and the little girl and background is contemporary.  Wonderful!