Best Friend from The Girls Series

Another from my series called "The Girls".  Same techniques: collaged fabric and acrylic paints. I figured if you can collage paper, why not fabric?   A series of six different drawings were made postcard like and then zig-zagged together to create a wallhanging entitled "The Girls". Inspired from a series of postcards I exchanged the month before. 

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5 thoughts on “Best Friend from The Girls Series

  1. Thanks for the comments, Heather and Kelli. *smile*  First I take a piece of fabric and stabilize it on the back with either interfacing or peltex or timtex- whatever stiffness or thickness you want for your project.  Next I fused random scrap pieces saved from previous fuseable applique projects (these scraps already had wonder under fused on their backs).  You can overlap some of them or space them a bit apart, fit them close like puzzle pieces.  I sketch the figure and gesso where the head, neck arms are going to show.  I don’t where the clothing and background are going to be as I like the fabrics underneath to show through in places.  This gives the piece texture.I outline the figure using either charcoal pencil or black pen and draw the face with various pens, paints, etc.  I quilt the hair and outline quilt the girl.  There’s also rubber stamping going on in this one.  You just keep playing and layering the fabric and the paint til it looks like you want it.   I finish with a light spray or brush ayer of either matte or glossy finish. Really really fun.