Birds of Paradise

This was the result of a design class with Jane Sassman.  I love the bold colors in the piece but my concerns are:

1.  Is the work balanced or do I need more at the bottom?

2.  Does it need more applique in the background or on the right hand side, or is the diagonal composition satisfactory?

3.  What sort of quilting should be done in the background and inside the applique pieces?

4.  What type of binding would enhance the piece?

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11 thoughts on “Birds of Paradise

  1. Seems to want a “ikebana” type platter or suggestion of one by thread play.

    I love the diagonal composition and would not try to “balance” it.

    Very simple background stitching so you don’t distract from the beauty of the flowers.  Thread painting and maybe some beading for inside the applique’s.

    Personally I like to use little strips of the composition fabrics inserted into the black to give just a bit of a spark to the binding, which i make as bias binding.

    Good Job.  It is a thing of beauty! 

  2. I agree with Cindy R., a simple Japanese sashiko stitching would look great on this piece.  Adding a small touch of color to the binding would be enough.  Rayon threads for quilting???? Very nice.

  3. Congratulations. I love your quilt. What sort of fabric did you use…. I would do the binding in the lighter of the purple blues, and that would act as a zinger. Just my humble opinion. Mind you, I am a bit over the top, but I don’t know another way to go… I have just finished a silk velvet and dupion quilt and it is totally outrageous….. I will get a photo of it in some time. I just need to do the binding….. I would do echo quilting around the applique pieces with a multicoloured thread by hand, then I would finish off around that with invisible thread machine quilted following the echoing. I hope you can understand. Well done. It will be wonderful when it’s all done. Kind regards from Joan Blizzard,      I am in Australia…….

  4. My first thought was, “Gorgeous!”  My second has been addressed by the other commentors, a thin border or piping of zing color, before/with the binding.  Makes me want to go play in my quilting shed w/ my handdyes!

  5. i agree,   echo quilting withblack thread would be very nice on this quilt.  it would not distract from your beautiful flowers and leaves.   i think it is nicely balanced.  Great job!

  6. Maybe a butterfly in the top right corner and then do alot of thread stitching to enhance all the pieces you’ve appliqued onto the background fabric.  Use colors that will show up against the fabric colors along with matching thread color to fabric.

    You decide, but so far I like what you have created.

  7. This is very pretty.  Maybe some thread painting in the leaves (and flowers?) with a simple square or diamond quilting in the background.  Pick a color from the flowers and leaves for the binding.  I liked the idea of the piping perhaps use the purply fabric for the piping.

  8. Hi, I just took one look at your quilt and understood your dilemna. Yes, it is beautiful…… I would only add a dragonfly or some such creature in the top right hand of the quilt…… I would do echo quilting, and I would use a binding that incorporated some of the colours in the piece in a hand dyed sort of thing…… Good luck…. Please let me know your final decision…. Fond regards from Joan from Australia

  9. I think that if the entire picture were shifted to the right to balance the black edges you would be very happy.  Composition is good, colours are wonderful, and I would bind it with a frame of the purple that is used in the leaf branch on the lower right.  The purple contrasts beautifully with every colour that is in the piece.  Fold a piece and lay it on the edge, I think that will work.  

  10. Your work is beautiful.  It is beautifully balance and nothing more is neede.  Quilting the back ground in a verigated thread such as King Tutt is a bright colour the same as your flowers  would look loverly.   When you’ve finished, it would look fantastic on my wall!   Keep up the great work.  Look forward to seeing the finishe product.  Nola.  Australia.