Blackbird Garden II

I love blackbirds – crows, ravens, etc.  They are a such a strong graphic statement.  This piece has a collaged crow in a whimsical garden setting.  The majority of the fabric has been hand painted and I have used fabric paint and colored pencil for details.

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10 thoughts on “Blackbird Garden II

  1. Edyth, the shapes are applique made out of my painted fabric.  I added colored pencil to help define the leaf shapes and make all of the forms look three dimensional.  Glad you like it.

  2. For this piece I used Seta-Color fabric paints.  I mix water into the paint approximately half and half then slightly dampen the fabric I want to color.  You can brush it on, or often I pour color (one or more) onto the fabric, pick it up to work the paint into the fabric, then let it dry crumpled in a ball  to get texture.  Easy and fun.