Blue IAQ

For some reason  I just can't get this Instant Art Quilt, from Ellen Lindner's online class, finished! I have overdyed it to eliminate a yellow that I thought was THE problem. Not. I cut it up and resewed it together to make the pebbles flow. I fused an image of a Faerie onto it and did a little thread painting.

Stil I am not feeling it. Beading? Crystals? More thread painting? What can make this piece be what it should be?

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5 thoughts on “Blue IAQ

  1. Have you considered letting the pebbles migrate out of the “stream”. I would also think about something to add “faerie dust” in those two areas with the least amount of interest. Good luck – I think you have a good beginning for something interesting.

  2. I like this piece!  How about more “pebbles” in the two un-pebbled dark blue spots?

    Also, some small crystal beads on the top left to be “stars in the sky”?

    Maybe a tread painted tree “growing or bare limbed” from center bottom and bending up the right side?

    Great start though.  Good Luck finishing!

  3. I like it. The blue shades are so pretty. I think crystal or some type of sparkle would look pretty and it would tie in with the “fairy feel.” I like Cindy’s idea of a starry sky.

  4. Think it needs more pebbles but you’re on the right track when you say beading.  That, in moderation, would give it just the spark it needs.  It’s already beautiful.  It’s going to be awesome when finished.