Blue Lady Underwater

My quilts are an integral part of my ongoing journey through some difficult life moments. This quilt is the story of a woman, trying to reconnect with all the different parts of herself, many from her younger years, whom she has lost touch with. The blue lady in the middle is the epicenter of an underwater volcano. All the blue people, and most of the sea creatures, including the mermaids, the cyclops and the slug are emanating from her and are part of her.

This quilt was partially created freehand (the underwater vocano), and partially created from images drafted on my computer (the blue people and the sea creatures) . It is made from fused cotton fabrics. The computer images are printed on freezer paper, ironed to the fused fabrics and then cut by hand. There are about 80 'blue people" , all different, in this quilt. Most of the sea creatures are then made more complex, freehand, by adding layers of hand cut fused fabric pieces. Quilting was done in layers by machine,

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