This is a 5×7 sitting on a small black easel. 


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9 thoughts on “Bluebonnets

  1. Hi Deborah,  I really like the quilt.  Very abstract, but the bluebonnets are  no doubt, bluebonnets….and I like your binding fabric…..really makes your eye focus on the bluebonnets.  How did you put it together???? Is it fused?  I am guessing it is not fused since it looks like there is tulle over the design.  Did you base it off of a photo?  Sorry about all the questions, but I am curious.  Peggy

  2. Good morning Peggy.  This is the same technique I have been using for the past several quilts; however my fabric giblets are larger.  I start with 70 weigh pellon and then put on a layer of flannel.  I lightly sketch my design with pencil.  Then I cut pieces of fabric to fit.   Then, I lay on tulle and use invisible thread to quilt it all down.  I backed this small piece with several layers of blue organdy.  Finally, I used free-motion embroidery to fill in the details.  I used a rayon maderia thread to zig zag the edges.  This time I took several of my bluebonnet and rock photos and cut and pasted them together until I got the photo I wanted.  I got inspired on Monday when I went to Creations in Kerrville and bought several fat quarters of that Stonehenge fabric line.  I don’t have Photo Shop, so I literally cut and paste!  I just joined the rocks together with shadows and moss.  This is one of the small pieces for the Fiber Arts Invitational Show in Kerrville that I’m preparing for.  They only charge 30 percent commission at the Kerr Arts and Cultural Center.


    Always good talking to you.


  3. Hi Deborah,  I really think you did a great job with the quilt. The rocks are wonderful and of course, the bluebonnets look awesome.  You have really mastered the bluebonnets.  And you inspired me to try a small quilt…..we went to Lake MI on Tuesday and took some photos of seagulls sitting on old pier stumps…..I am quilting it now….will post tomorrow.  Anyway, back to your quilt.  So, your technique is like snippits???  How many quilts are your entering in the Kerrville show?  Peggy

  4. Yes, my technique is similar to snippets and another lady’s technique.  I really was inspired by the woman who posted an impressionistic quilt on this site which had poppies on it.  She gave an in-depth report of her technique.  I had problems with both of their styles; one uses fusible and both put it on batting.  Well, I do lots of thread painting and the batting is just not heavy enough to hold all that stitching.  That is when I discoverd 70 weight pellon.  For a while I was painting a thin solution of elmer’s glue onto the pellon.  Well, that was just a mess.  One morning I awakened thinking about flannel.   So far this is working like a charm.  My quilting buddies say I should write a book about this technique.  I am taking 7 or 8 — as many as they have room for.  Good luck with your quilt.  I’m anxious to see it.



  5. Good morning Deborah,  I am very impressed with your technique! You should write a book! I had to smile that you woke up thinking about flannel……I usually wake up in the middle of the night with my ideas.  I guess that means we have a passion for the quilts. 

     My little quilt will look like child’s play next to your little quilt.  But that is okay, I had fun with my little quilt.  When is the Kerrville show?  Can you take some photos of the show to send to me??  Peggy

  6. The Kerr Arts and Cultural Center will have the Invitational Fiber Arts Show from July 1-25th.   I will take photos and maybe make an album to send around.  I’m really excited about having this show.  There will be 15 artist.  As more info comes out, I will send it to you.


  7. Please make sure you send me the album….I would love to see the art.  And keep sending photos of your quilts…..I feel like I am learning everytime I see them in the gallery.  Peggy