Bonnie is my good friends companion. She is very ill so i thought i would make a photo to remember her by. She is a yellow lab almost white. I made her more abstract in colors using 100% cotton fabrics fused onto muslin then machine stitched. The quilt is then stitched and stretched over cardboard and inserted into a frame.

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7 thoughts on “bonnie

  1. This is the next technique that I am going to try my hand at, that is of course, after I finish my UFOs!  Thanks for sharing, mine will also be of my dear companions.  Great job!

  2. i am so sorry Bonnie is ill….i know how hard it is to go through…i went through it with my cat of 18 years old before she passed…her name was yummy and it took me 3 years to get over letting her go…now i have an adorable bengal domestic kitty and she is so is a new relationship and very different from yummy’s and mine…it is great though and she really is a cutie pie…she turned 2 around christmas……..

    i know we all grieve in our own time, but i hope you won’t wait too long to get another dog…it really helps with the grieving and it is good to have our pets to think about besides ourselves..blessing on both of you:-)   kitty hugs, carol fuller

  3. Bonnie is gorgous!  I had an old yellow lab once too, and have actually thought of doing a quilt off her face.  You have done a wonderful job – I love the free way you use color!



  4. I am new to this site and a former scrapbooker turned quilter.  Paper, Fabric.  I am addicted to them both.  This is the first item that caught my eye in the gallery.  I am an avid animal lover and she is beautiful.  I am sure your friend will so appreciate this.

    I would love to make one of my girl who I lost last year.  Can you tell me where/how I would find instructions on how to do this.  I am a beginner.