8 thoughts on “Brazen as Elton John

  1. I’m glad we posted too.  It’s fun to try something new.  I like making little quilts and not using someone else’s patterns or techiniques.  You made a nice quilt to show your feelings when you were little.  You have some nice emblishments.  My quilt is at our guild’s Spring Fling this weekend.  It should be in the non-traditional section and the winner is chosen by viewers voting for their favorites.  We have some amazing quilt artists in town, so it will be fun to see all the quilts and how I do.  I have 2 other tradtionals quilts and my 17 year old daughter has 2 quilts, one of her own design, that she made when she was in middle school.  What state are you in?

  2. Hi Debquilt….I haven’t been back for a while, just read your note and maybe by now you have more information about how you did in the spring fling.  Hope it was positive for you and your daughter.  I’m in San Diego CA.  I really like doing small quilts too, it’s a challenge to fit the images onto a small surface so I’m always learning, plus It’s fast…..or faster!

  3. There were a lot of quilts.  I entered a little paper pieced “snails trail” I did in a quilt group back in the early 2000’s.  It won 2nd place viewers choice out of 6 mini quilts.  My daughter entered a purple “apple core” quilts that had 5 rows of 5 pieces, so it had 25 different purple fabrics.  It won 2nd place out of 9 quilts and it didn’t even say she made it in middle school.  So we were happy.  We just got ribbons to add to the back of our quilts.  That was the 3rd one Kim got for her “Plum Core” quilt.  They had part of the 2009 Hoffman’s challenge quilts.  Took some photos of amazing quilts, both of the ones entered in our show and the Hoffman challenge.  I heard some nice comments about my tap dance quilt and questions about how I got the aluminum foil taps on, just fused like the fabric! Our next big show will be May 2011.  Here is the website, as they have entries from all over the USA.  http://www.fiberartsfiesta.org/index.html   It said they may have entry info. this summer. 

    I  like the small quilts because I can hang more in my small house!

  4. Hi Debquilt…congradulations on your success with the snails trail…and triple congradulations to your daughter for her quilt!  That’s really cool that she used a different fabric for each one….She’s on the right track…….and I’m sure you’re a great examle for her.

     I’ll check on the link you sent, thank you.  I’m working on a small swan quilt for the bernina challenge…..I’ll let you know when it’s finished and I get it posted. 


  5. They have just put the entry forms on the Fiber Arts Fiesta show for May 2011.  Click on “Exhibit Entry” on the left side.  The entry cost is $5 for each quilt.  It is a juried show.  Work must have been completed by entrant after March 1, 2009.  (The entry deadline for the last show.)  Not sure if they make you pay to have the quilt sent back to you, of course you have to pay to send it to them.   It’s a great show.  You can see some pictures from the 2009 show, on the “Past Show” link on the right side of the page.   The judge is Cindy Erickson who lives in Nebraska.  The website is: http://www.fiberartsfiesta.org/index.html