Butterfly Rose

5×7 matted and framed to 8×10 table top.  I am interviewing with a gallery on March 21st and I made this specifically because she asked from small table top work in addition to wall size.  Also, I have a discussion about art cards on my blog:  www.debbiegeistweidt.blogspot.com.  Please go see photos.

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4 thoughts on “Butterfly Rose

  1. A close up out of the frame would give a better appreciation to what must have went into this. I went to your blog to see closer up some of your other work– and you have amazing skill. Very pretty stuff!

  2. hpthecat, thanks for your comments.  I think you can get a good closeup if you will click on the button labelled view full size, then you will get another button which is a plus sign.  If you click the plus sign you can see individual stitches.  Debbie G.


  3. Deborah,

    Oh Gosh do I feel dumb!..LOL…I must have been so captivated looking at everybody’s art last night I didn’t even notice the “View Full Size” button…

    thanky you for educating me!! I so enjoyed examining this closer…just beautiful!