butterfy…3 d free motion

this was a butterfly taken from my garden. I wanted to show the richness and depth of the rainforest setting!  I just made it up as i went along really!! 

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7 thoughts on “butterfy…3 d free motion

  1. I am really intriqued,  I also take a lot of  photos of butterflies in my garden.   I am fascinated with butterflies…they are so beautiful.   Well done !!!

  2. This is so full of depth and texture! I love the colors – the crispness of the flower and the softness of the leaves. It works so well!  Did you hand paint any of this or is it commercial fabrics?

  3. Thank you!   I hand painted the leaves and used sheer overlays..the butterfly was hand painted and then top stitched….it was done in segments to give a 3 d look. Background is made up of purchased silks and velvets and sheers.