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  1.  I had difficulty posting my quilt…so thanks to shayb for her assistance. Now I have to describe my quilt in the “comments” I am a novice quilt artist “want to be”. I like experimenting with colors and texture. This quilt was constructed with commerical and hand dyed cottons, I rarely follow any rules and have created some “interesting @#$^” pieces. I wanted an opportunity to share my quilts with others for critique and advice. Please help!. Reneau

  2. Hi Reneau

    This is a tricky one!  It has some great elements and yet for me it doesn’t quite work, not sure if it is because the orange and green are the wrong shade or perhaps to….I know they are too blocky, they stop the eye from wandering around the piece.  The purples and the black/greys and the multi-hued orange keep the eye moving, but the more solid orange and green just keep stopping the eye.  It is almost as if there are two layers to the quilt, the orange and green being on top of the others.  How you fix this depends on a) whether that is a problem for you (I assume something is a problem or it wouldn’t be here 🙂 and b) what efffect you were going for in the first place.  You could paint the orange and green, toning them down and adding pattern, or applique carefully on top to add visual interest which would get the eye moving again.  This piece as an enormous amount of potential and I would definitely go with tieing in the orange and green to the other wonderful fabrics if it were mine.  It is a wonderful piece.


  3. Ahh…art by committee.  Let me add to the confusion.  I think the orange acts as a focal point and adds energy to the piece. For me the orange is exactly what keeps my eye moving around the piece.   It works for me.  I think it is quite wonderful and holds my interest.  The subtle repetition of the blocks and the repeat color keep it from being chaotic and add a calmness along with the energy and excitement.  My only criticism might be the one block that is bordered in orange with the green and purple center.  It stands out as quite different from the more organic shapes of the other blocks.  But again, this is a design choice and a little bit of quirkiness in a piece can be interesting.  If this is where you are starting on your “wanna be artist” journey I say bravo. Excellent! 

  4. I’d call this quilt “Dancing” because the eye does dance through the piece. The colors make me think of neon lights along a boardwalk against the just past sunset colors of sky and sea with the blue/black pieces being a visual representation of the beat of dance music. I don’t know what more could be done. It’s a fascinating quilt.

  5. First thought while looking at the small version was that it needed more yellow…enlarged version says, “nope, not more, but how about turning the right border down to become the bottom?”  My eye moves more fluidly from that perspective.  I think you’re done.  You could modifhy that more squared block to a more organic shape (if you wanted to ) with quilting.   Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi- I add this from a new quilter perspective so may be way off base but I like the square block with the smaller version next to it.  It seems to me the controlled square has slowly taken flight and freed up its constrained form in the rest of the quilt.  Have to say I do like things that don’t follow the rules.

  7. You have probably finished this quilt by now.  I love it but feel some stamping or paint might add depth if you haven’t finished it already.  And some handstitiching in contrasting colours fromthe other adjacent fabrics.  I’d love to see this one completed 🙂