* Celebration *

I got to go pick out some wild fabrics on my birthday in Feb at a really cool fabric store in Texas ,batiks galore, and decided they were celebrating too ,so made them dance, it is all handmade and almost 8ftx6xft 

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6 thoughts on “* Celebration *

  1. Thanks all , this quilt just seems to have so much texture , people want to run their hands over it 🙂 the quilting design is a spiral ,I mark about a foot circle in the middle then echo  quilted  the rest, this time I took a ruler and made dots every inch up and down and it did come out much better than just eyeballing it ,marking the backing is my least favorite part of making a quilt, the quilting part is like chicken soup for my soul, the creative part doesnt come easy for me , out of the ‘either’ mostly I get a glimpse of a ideal, fabrics start saying me me me and Im off to the races to try in my head to get it all together, The self doubts are the hardest part of quilting ,that voice in our head that just knows no one else is going to like this one , all I can say to that is to fight against it and do your own thing , ‘make your own kinda music’ goes thru my head and I push on ,