Chance for hail

Another good morning to you.  I haven't struggled as much with this one.  I am experimenting with borders and binding — just like in a 'real' quilt.  I have had feedback from traditional quilters that this is a more polished look for my art work.  So, feel free to comment on this.  In general, I would like to hear feedback on ways to improve.  Thanks!

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5 thoughts on “Chance for hail

  1. I love how you pulled the colors of the scene out beautifully for the border…but feel the widths combined overwhelm the center.  Personal choice, I know, but the first touch of black, then the peaceful blue seem to frame it nicely, IMHO.  Your scenes invite reflection and closer inspection.  I will have to try this technique, thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you for the border width observation.  I may try to mask off the outer border and see how that looks.  I have had that feeling but never put it into words. 

  3. Hi Deborah,  I think the quilt is lovely.  And I like your borders.  I think borders on an art quilt can do 2 things…..stop the design in the center and make it looked framed…like art.  Or, the borders can be a way to draw the center design out a bit into the borders to accent the piece.  I have made almost all of my art quilts using borders.  I think it gives the piece a finished look.  What I see looking at the quilt above with the borders you chose……the wide 2nd inner border is pulling the blues out of the bluebonnets……I think this is good, and it looks good.  And I like the lighter outer border and binding….it pulls the colors of the hills and the sky….I also like the narrow black 1st inner border. I think you have done an excellent job with this quilt and the borders.