Charm quilt top

 I pieced this by hand 1048 pieces every piece is a different material.

Because I made it by hand I was adviced to quilt it by hand.

Big mistake I do not like the quilting part at all.

Can't get my stitches the same length and I am too picky I guess.

Hope one of these years I will finish it or find someone to do it for me.

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3 thoughts on “Charm quilt top

  1. Good for you! Having just completed a charm quilt in the Tumbler pattern, I can appreciate the time you have put into the quilt top alone… making sure all those patches have no repeats, and collecting the fabrics to sew into the top. I chose to have mine quilted “by check” as they say, and it’s due back in a few weeks. Keep on with the hand quilting… it seems daunting, but little by little it gets done. And not to worry about the stitches… with all that pattern and liveliness, nobody will look closely to measure you stitches.

  2. beautiful quilt and dont give up on the quilting it comes with time doing it, my first Im still proud of even though a expert not knowing I quilted it said it had toe nail stitches , meaning you could catch a toe nail in it but after almost twenty years since then they have gotten alot better , I find the quilting is the peaceful time of a quilt and I dont get in any hurry , it takes as long as it takes ,the first took me two years the last one I did took 2 weeks,

  3. That is an AMAZING quilt!  If you haven’t quilted very much of it by hand, you could still take it out and get it machine quilted. Or you could send it to someone like a church group or the Amish to have it finished by hand.  Or you could continue to do it yourself.  Your choice. . .  And don’t worry about that stiching, it won’t take much practice to get more even stiches.

     I started hand quilting a full sized quilt for myself some years ago.  I was inspired by one my sister hand quilted, thinking if she could do it, so could I.  I had about a quarter of it done, and thought it was a big mistake.  I figured I had too much completed to rip out the stitching, though.  I put it away for a long time.   Last summer, I thought it was time to work on it again, if only to have it finished and off my UFO list.  I’m just now on the last few blocks, and the end is in sight!  I may never hand quilt again, but I’m sure happy it’s pretty much finished.