Christine Moon

"My motto: sans limites."  Isadora Duncan

White muslin sponge painted with Dye-na-flo paints, stitched with polyester embroidery thread and quilted with rayon thread.

Isadora Duncan's motto inspired me because we are not limited by anything but what we believe is possible.

My attempt to depict the swan and her eggs in the rough nest with the lithe grasses surrounding her using only black thread on a gray ground made me focus on the ways I can create the image without the distractions of a thousand other materials choices.

The swan seems to recognize the unlimited potential in her nest.The limited color pallette of black and gray should not limit what I can express.


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Helen Gregory

About Helen Gregory

Helen Gregory is the managing editor for Quilting Arts Magazine and Cloth Paper Scissors. She has been quilting for years; however, her very first quilt, a hand-pieced Grandmother's Flower Garden design, is still not finished! Since joining the QA/CPS team, Helen's stash has grown to include many mixed-media items. Basically, Helen has crossed over and sees artful possibilities in, well, everything. Having worked for years in the quilting industry, both as an editor and in marketing, she is absolutely thrilled to be part of the QA team. Like everyone on the QA/CPS staff, she wears many hats, and was recently mistaken for Pokey's personal assistant during the taping of QA TV Season 4.

11 thoughts on “Christine Moon

  1. I love pen and ink drawings – this is a fabulous threadwork version.  I like your description, too, of paring it down to the artistic essentials by getting rid of the distractions.  Lovely.

  2. This is one of my favorite pieces in the challenge. Some of the best photographers and illustrators in the world only work with black and white. Your interpretation and execution are truly unique. Fantastic work.