Circles and buttons

Third in a series of encaustic works, this mixed media collage was inspired by my family.  It includes my current interests of melting wax, paper, and buttons which are all strong, dreamy memories of time spent with my grandmothers and parents in the 50s and 60s. Dad was a beekeeper and my female relatives were all ardent seamstresses.

Mixed media collage of beeswax, decorative paper, vintage buttons from my collection, alcohol inks on 5” square cradled board

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One thought on “Circles and buttons

  1. These are neat. I’ve been poking around on Suze Weinberg‘s blog lately, she’s doing a lot of amazing things with beezwax as well, it looks like fun. I wish there were about 12 more (waking) hours in a day so I can do everything I want to try!!