Circles of Black& White 1

“Circles of Black, Circles of White I” – © 2010

24.75”W x 28”T x 1”D

Hand Appliqué, beading, and quilting

Glass, plastic, and metal buttons and beads

    I don’t often do series, as pieces this size take about six months to complete and I get tired of the colors and fabrics. “Circles of Black, Circles of White I” is the first of a series of quilts that all have the same black and white striped circles in them. While visiting out in Yakima, WA in 2008, I decided to cut out 4 quilt tops all at once. I had none of my fabric stash with me, so all of the fabric that I needed to “paint” with was purchased out there. (The resulting purchases filled two large boxes that were shipped back home to my studio). Since that time, 3 other pieces have been cut out, so the series includes a total of seven pieces.


    This first piece is in response to all of the softly colored, flowery work that I had been doing right before then. (I was also working on “Japanese Irises” while out in WA.) I wanted something more vibrant that would take advantage of the bolder, retro fabrics that were coming out in the stores at the time. I still have some of my beloved flower motifs in this piece, but this work’s image is quite a departure from the pieces that immediately preceded it. Of course, it is heavily beaded, as there is a well-stocked bead store in the Yakima Nation Reservation, so I always stock up on seed beads when I’m visiting out there.


     Art quilts are not as fragile as people might think. Yes, light will fade the piece over time, but that change in the intensity will only give it a patina or mellow look, which is highly prized by many collectors. To clean it, put a piece of window screening over the entire piece, and then you can vacuum off any dust. Should you have to wash it, then please hand wash the piece in lukewarm water with a very mild soap, and then block it on thick towels while damp in order to insure a straight, flat look when it dries. DO NOT EVER DRY CLEAN IT! On the back, art historians might one day be interested in my "field of stains". The occasional small coffee spills, tiny blood spots from pin pricks, and twisted threads indicate that this quilt was made by a real person. Finally, please give it a special home, as you are being entrusted with one of the beloved outpourings of my hands and heart.


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9 thoughts on “Circles of Black& White 1

  1. Another lovely piece…. having a closer look at it shows clearly that it is filled with a wide assortment of buttons, beads and various other things as well.  I love how you put it all together so that it all becomes a cohesive whole.  Stunning!


  2. Thank you for all the lovely comments. If you scroll down through the comments, I’ve added a detail shot. Many of you asked how long it takes to do a piece like this. if you look in the background of the detail shot, 1 square inch = 1 hour of work. “Needlework obsessive” is what one friend calls what I do…:)