This angel who I have created meditating represents to me a quiet mind. Colors were chosen based on how they made me feel. Because she brings a sense of calmness we have her hanging in our bedroom. 36×42"  Thanks for taken a peek:)

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9 thoughts on “clarity

  1. This is beautiful classy quilt, would you mind sharing how you made it? I’m new at quilting and I’m simply curious to hear how you created all the details like the cape and the flowers?

    Thanks for sharing with us, Caribquilter.

  2. I like your design and would like to know if you painted it or pieced it, or fused it…. you really succeeded in expressing quietness through your character as well as the use of blue tones. A great work !

  3. Hey ladies, first off thank you for all the nice complements. I started with the wings, I cut them out individually using four different fabrics shaped like a feather. I used a glue stick to put them down before sewing. I drew out 3 faces before I had one that I was satisfied with. I press fine muslin then using pencils, colored pencils I began shading. As I became more sure I darken ending with pigma pens. I embroidered her eye lashes.I did this for hands and feet also. I pinned her head to the quilt. I drew her dress out with a chalk pencil and then traced over chalk onto tracing paper then cut out. I then traced it onto fabric leaving room to fold over edges.I did an arm at a time then middle and the bottom is somewhat strips.All pieces for the dress was fused and then sewn. The coak was done in the same way, drew over her dress with chalk, trace, cut put cut out tracing paper on cloak fabric traced and cut out. the top left hand sideof the cloak is two pieces right side is three pieces. What adds depth is the paint. I used watered down acrylic paint. I would paint were ther would be a fold in the cloak dark and then work out lighter and lighter. I had 2 flowers I made and attached (blue ones) and then while shopping I found a floral print fabric and thought perfect! I cut the flowers out used fray check(stops fraying on fabric) around the outside.Sewed them on with colored thread, lastly went around them with black watered down paint for shadow effect. This quilt took me 6 months to complete she was pretty much a weekend project. I hope I was at least a little helpful. If you need more specifics let me know.