Cliff Side

My latest landscape, it is taken from a photo I took of Cimarron Canyon State Park, in northern NM in September '09. It is a combination of fabric painting and applique. It measures 12.5 X 16.

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6 thoughts on “Cliff Side

  1. Thank you for your praise. I love doing fabric landscapes. The original photo is at I used the center of the photo for the quilt.

    But painting fabric is definitely different from paper. I am still trying to find the right resit for my self 🙂  When I first painted this the sky was the same piece of fabric but the mountain ran into it. I ended up cutting the cliff side off away from the original sky and replacing it with another piece of painted fabric.

    I got my start with landscape quilts in a class at Quilt University “Painted Landscapes” with Michele Scott as the teacher.