close up

This is such a strange top thought some might like to see a close up, it has the scrappy homey feel to it but is made with a whole new process a wackadoodle .Im really conflicted about whether it deserves to be quilted or just folded and put it in a drawer and go on to another project, My dau got a website going a litte at least its at

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2 thoughts on “close up

  1. I  really like the dark/light contrast. In your comment on the photo of the full quilt, you mention using “ugly” fabric. Does that have anything to do with your hesitation to quilt it? 

  2. Not really I love the ‘ugly’ fabrics all combined in weird ways, I know some will think this was just thrown together but it really was hard work to get it to come together like this ,  I try to get my quilts to be right in the middle of the old ones that everyone around here like and something modern and unexpected but I think I might have hit the exact middle with this one and it seems to leave everyone that has seen it speechless 🙂 no one seems to hate it but no one seems to love it either ,