Color gone wild

This was my first ever attempt at an art quilt… have no clue what I was thinking… It is pretty bad. It has been sitting in the closet because I did not have the heart to toss it out. It needs lots of help. I tried to do things there were way beyond my ability at the time. Now I just think it is downright ugly.

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4 thoughts on “Color gone wild

  1. This is definitely salvageable, but it depends how much more time you want to put in to it. Value-wise it is working well. I am not sure about the blue. I’d be tempted to play with that in photoshop to see if that is what isn’t working. Colour wheel logic would say, analogous yellow, orange and red needs blue or green but not both. On the other hand, colour goes wild could mean that rules are out the window and it’s fine as it is! Good movement and energy. It’s often hard to go back to a place you’ve moved on from, but this one is obviously not ready for recycling just yet

  2. I don’t think it is as bad as you think. it IS color gone wild and it has it’s own charm. I just wanted to say that.


    I am not allowing myself to comment on any more quilts until I get brave enough to add one of  MY  UFOs.


  3. I think that some more ‘flowers and/or leaves’ similar to what is in the center need to be wandering around the two outer borders, or at least in the corners.  Repeat the blue colour and shape, but a different size, crossing over the seam lines. 

     It is bright in the middle, take some of that bright ness and put it in the corners to bring them into the design.