Corinne Murphy

While discussing possible animals with family members we found a test that matches animals to your personality. Turns out I'm a snake. With their unique perspective on life, snakes have learned to express themselves through their art, and wether they are writers, movie makers or painters they are meticulous about their craft. Snakes prefer to aviod the spotlight and when thrust into it begin behaving erratically. In winter cold-blooded snakes are miserable and in summer their spirits soar.

To begin the quilt I stip pieced the background from green batiks, over which I placed a red/black batick for the snake which I had 'rubbed' on a handmade rubbing plate (rice glued on fibre board) with black shiva stick to give a mottled/ scaley look. I then gave my snake black wool diamond markings, as well as adding brown threads and tufts of green wool to the grassy/ leafy background. Using wash away over the wool and threads I proceded to quilt the background and snake markings. I then thread painted on the mouth and tounge. Finally I appliqued  and stuffed the eye, then I used a shiva stick to paint on the pupil and blend in the edges. I used metallic thread in several areas and to finish I zig zag stitched the edge in black.

This is my first ever challenge quilt and my first ever art quilt. It started with a phone call from my mother saying "What sort of animal am I?". After much hilarity my mother, sister and I sat down & started our quilts. It has indeed been a very enjoyable experience.

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