Corset Fitting Parlor

Made with vintage linens and lace, vintage hat parts, old hair pins, copyright free image. Text from 1920's Ladies Home Journal reads, "Emma E. Goodwin, Corset Specialist, Marvels of corset engineering, 13 E. 37th St. NY"  Embellished with vintage pearls, jewerly, old corset clips. Hangs from bra strap attached to vintage belt buckle. Hand sewn and embroidered.

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7 thoughts on “Corset Fitting Parlor

  1. Thank you Cousette. I enjoyed making it. I love vintage anything.  When I find vintage lace, tatting, linens etc. I always wonder about the lives of the women who made them or wore them. In a strange way they speak to me and so I bring them home and treasure each piece. Thus, I have a lot of vintage bits and pieces around here. Making Corset Fitting Parlor brought back fond memories of my great aunt who always wore a corset that laced up the back.

  2. Thanks Debbie. It was fun to make. It reminded me of my “Aunt Dump” who always wore a corset that laced up the back. They called her Dump because she was short and stocky.