Cracked Paper Quilts 2: Stitching the Paper Sandwich

Mixed media paper quilts are an exciting and dynamic new way to create a quilt.

Carol Wiebe shows you, step by step, how to layer and stitch the quilt sandwich for a "Cracked Paper Quilt."

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13 thoughts on “Cracked Paper Quilts 2: Stitching the Paper Sandwich

  1. Thanks for showing this – makes the article better and easier to understand!

    BTW, do you really need so many layers, or is it also possible to work on paper, fabric and felt alone? Just wondering if that might work too.

    Waiting for the next video! 🙂


  2. You are very welcome!

    And you asked a great question. The number of layers you choose to use depends on your final purpose. You can have as few (I can sew on paper alone) or as many (my five layers in Cracked Paper Quilts 2) as you need or want.

    For a hanging, I like the final piece to have a certain weight, enough substance to make its presence on the wall felt, and noticed. The same applies to a fabric quilt. It’s the reason people frame pictures, instead of just taping the photo to the wall.

    Thanks for that question. I will share the answer on my Ning!



  3. I left a comment on the first video about the second video.  I’ll figure this out yet!  Anyways, I love this technique and can’t wait to try it.  I still like the idea for Christmas gifts.  Great job on the videos.  Can’t wait to see the next step. 

  4. Carol,
    I really enjoyed you article in the ‘Quilting Arts Mag’, but seeing this is much better!
    When will you do the next video or is there more to come? I hope so!

  5. Carol,  I am really inspired to try this technique.  I can’t wait till the next video comes out.  I am going to start gathering my images for my quilt on paper and set up as you have shown on video 1 and 2.  I wait with anticipation for the next video to arrive.  Thank you so much!

  6. Thank you Carol!
    I’m off to find my issue and catch up so I’m ready for the next video.
    It’s so inspiring to see your project coming together and think how I will use it with my own projects.
    Thanks again!

  7. I’m working on it, Coty! I also teach school part time, and do quilting workshops and presentations, so I will get to it as soon as I can! I love that simile, by the way. It makes me feel like a mystery woman, with a surprise ending!

  8. Carol

    So insprining. I can’t wait to try it and see the remaining vedio to tell me how to finish.
    I’m looking got my msgszine to read your artical.
    Thanks so much Carol