Creek & yellow flowers

This is a 5×7 on a small easel.  I was interested in this as a photo because I could see the reflection of the yellow flowers in the water and wanted to create that with fiber.

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4 thoughts on “Creek & yellow flowers

  1. Good morning Deborah,  I was excited to see you had posted another photo!!  I love the flowers, and the tree.  Your reflection is very good!!!  You for sure are one with your machine……I think you did a great job!!!  Peggy

  2. After working for so long on the larger pieces, this has been pure pleasure.  I keeps my creative juices churning and I get such instant gratification.  Also, these two small pieces have allowed to experiment.  Thanks for your comments.  I’m taking both to these 5×7’s to my Monday night quilting group and get their reaction/suggestions.  Some of those women have a very good eye.