Crystal Creek

Early spring in the Hiawatha Highlands.

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10 thoughts on “Crystal Creek

  1. I can’t quite remember how big it is but it is large maybe about 4 feet wide. I used a lot of tread painting for the shore on the left, I painted the sky with pebeo setacolour and highlighted the rocks with oil base crayons.  Other than that, raw edge applique and free motion quilting.

  2. I have rarely seen rocks depicted so realistically and done so well-whether painted or quilted. You capture their dense immobility, their weight and coldness, their colors and textures! Such good depiction of rocks is rarely seen in any format-but in your working with fabric there is definitely a great gift! Your choice of fabric and threadwork-just enough to make the statements they make…definitely a wow factor! Did you use any type of paint or other mediums in this work-besides your incredible threadwork and fabric, I mean? I struggle with creating rocks that I might be happy with, to the point of frustration-my husbands and mine! How did you choose these fabrics for rocks, and get the shading and layers of rock sycronized so perfectly? Were they done in batiks, prints, or your own hand-dyed, and then shaded or highlighted after placement? (That is the only way I can get rocks onto my pieces!)

    Your understanding of trees is, well, magical I think! From the sapling to the great ancient trees, trees seem to be full of esoteric knowledge, as though they carry the wisdom of the ages in the growth of their magestic boughs, roots, bark, scents-all of that which only time and the elements can give to them-and impress us…and the point here is that in your use of colors and textures, you capture this in such a wonderful way! You seem to give them voice and life in your work! It would be great to know the sizes of your shared quilted works, and some of the mechanisms by which you arrive at such statements.

    Your talent is like the thunder in the storm; we hear you-and feel the rumble, and now we want to know how you choose your pieces to do, and arrive at such expressions and use of materials, all that seem to come to life in your hands! There is too much talent there to keep to yourself!! Excellent work that inspires the best in all of us! Thank you!

  3. thank you so much for your wonderful comments.  I wish I could write like you can.  I will try to answer your questions soon.  I am at work right now.  You can see more of my pieces and my dogs at You are very perceptive.  I love trees and rocks and feel sometimes like I have a personal relationship with them!  I am fortunate to live in the country and hope to retire soon and spend more time doing what I love. The rocks were batiks and I added setacolor pebeo paints for shading and a bit of crayon for highlighting.  I saw the 3 birches as sentinels standing watch.