9 thoughts on “Dagger and Bluebonnets

  1. Yes, I cut batik into very small pieces and place it over flannel.  The flannel is on top of heavy weight pellon.  The next step is to cover the surface with tulle.  Finally, I stitch the details like the bluebonnets and the yucca.  If you look at the larger version, you can see the stitches of the background and sky.  Thanks for saying that it looks like a painting because that is what I have in mind while I’m doing this.

  2. Hi Peggy,  The inner border is actually the end of this art quilt.  I zig-zagged the edges with a varigated thread.  It is mounted on a piece of brown seude.  I think you can see these details when you look at the full size view then use the zoom.  Debbie


  3. Thanks Peggy for the comments.  I have recently had comments from some of my friends that I need to start doing a ‘real’ binding instead of the zig zag I have been using on the last few pieces.  I really like the dimension the zig zag adds.  I think it looks like a narrow mat.  I would really like to hear others opinions on the subject.  Debbie