"Dancing Amongst the Fire Gem Trees" by Kay Wentworth and Sylvia Weir

Quilter in Distress: Kay Wentworth
Rescuer: Sylvia Weir

"Dancing Amongst the Fire Gem Trees"  18" x 15"

Kay: "I really can't remember what happened with this UFO. I like circles and I like secondary colors (green, orange, and purple). I usually don't have intent when I start a project."

Sylvia: "It was a challenge to figure out what to do with this fried-egg design. I photographed the piece, printed out black and white copies into strips and squares and irregular strips, and set it on point and cut an irregular shape. In the end I decided to keep the original fried egg design and see if I could alter it so that the center would retain its position but not be a bull's eye. I cut below the center circle in a gentle curve and pieced in a background that had all the colors of the original piece but in darker tones. I appliquéd circles for lollipop trees in a darker orange and used a printed fabric for the small dancing figure again echoing the colors from the original piece. Lastly I added beads around the edges of each of the trees. I used both hand and machine quilting although in retrospect I wish I had used metallic thread for the hand quilting."


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