9 thoughts on “Dancing Dragonflies

  1. Thank you!  Yeah, you are right.  I should have said that a different way.  I guess I was looking for any ways that might improve it.  Thanks for the critique.  :o)

  2. I think your quilt is wonderful.  You could make the dragonfly wings three dimensional…but, really the quilt is perfect just like you made it.  Congratulations on a wonderful piece of art.  Peggy

  3. I agree I think it’s fantastic as it is!…The images I rate have to pop out at me and invite me to look closer…yours is one of the few.

    But if you really wanted to take it further…maybe some words applied to it…that tell a story or your inspiration or provide a crisis/dark edge…that bird looks like its after dinner…maybe it says something about life.

    If you don’t feel it is complete, use it to create another related piece.

  4. How about some crystals on the wings of the dragon fly wings and maybe the eye of the bird.  I love red so its easy for me to love what you made.  It can be overwhelming when you use that much and the crystals would draw attention to the dragon flies and the bird which are more the focal point.  Very pretty