This quilt was inspired by the flowers in my garden.  I used commercial fabrics for the background and hand-dyed fabrics for the flowers.  I tried painting with dyes,  which I had never done before and it was a challange.  After several tries I got the results I sort of wanted.  I loved making this quilt and learned alot for the next one. 

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12 thoughts on “DayLilies

  1. This is lovely and well-done. Daylillies are one of my favorite flowers, and you have captured all the tiny ridges in the petals that most people miss when looking at the plant. Greast use of color in the plants and the background. What type of dyes did you use and what to apply them?………..Jim D

  2. Thank you.  I used procion mx dyes from dharma trading.  I also used a little alginate (also from dharma) to thicken the dye a little, so it wouldn’t spread too much.  That alginate takes some getting used to, there’s a fine line between to thin and too thick for painting.   I liked using the dyes instead of paints because the hand of the fabric doesn’t change, which makes free motion stitching alot easier.   I painted each petal individually then cut it out and fused it to the surface.  I’ve never painted (except for walls) so it is a learning process trying to achieve shadow and contrast.   Happy New Year!!!