Deborah Geistweidt

Meow! is a self-portrait loosely based on  Julia C. Wood's techniques in  Fabric Photo Play.   As in her book, I began with digital photos of myself and then introduced several printed photos of large cats.  I made a paper pattern and a vinyl overlay.  At this point, I have developed my own techniques.  Using Mystyfuse, I fused all the pieces onto the background.  I machine embroidered/thread painted details using Admelody polyester thread and Madeira rayon embroidery thread.   Highlights were added with Shiva oil paint sticks and Sulky metallic thread.   The quilt sandwich was made using Warm and Natural cotton batting.  Finally, the piece was machine quilted using Admelody polyester thread.  I added a flange then zigzagged the edges using Sulky metallic thread.  The background, flange and backing fabrics are hand-dyed and hand-crafted from BaBa Blankets.  The facial fabrics are from scrapes my girlfriend gave me after making an Africa quilt.  Most of the products used in the piece were purchased from the Houston International Quilt Festival in 2009.
This has been so much fun!  I have only done one other portrait using this technique and it was in shades of blue.  This project allowed me to get a little crazy with fabrics and threads bringing out my true inner animal.

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