This is a portrait of my husband. I drew the most important lines first, and stitched over them. The rest of the portrait I drew with my machine. After I had finished it I coloured the portrait with crayola. I only have eight colours, so my palette was limited. It was the first time I tried threadsketcing and while filling in the background my needle broke and ended up in the machine, which then broke down. Fortunately it didn't take long for it to be repaired and I could finish the portrait. As I only used the batting as a stabilizer the edges ended up too tight so I cut away the background and appliqued the portrait onto a background with batting and backing. I then quilted it. It was a lot of fun to do.

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4 thoughts on “DH

  1. Really nice to combine drawing, painting ,fabrics and stitching ! I really like it. Your husband seems to be dreaming among this bubbling background ! very poetic !

  2. Hi Anneke.. this is very good job with thread work,  how on earth did you learn to do this, I keep looking for your work, as usal, it’s always very interesting and so well done.  Looking  forward to seeing more .. Cheers Anne

  3. Your free motion drawing of your husband is really nice – well done.

    I do free motion drawing with my machine and have found the best stablilizer for me is a firm iron on veleen it keeps the picture nice and flat.