Diane Marie Chaudiere of Woodinville, WA. 2010 Calendar Contest Winner

Title: "Above and Below"

Challenge Theme: Fresh Picked

Size: 12"W x 12"H x 1"D

Web site: www.chaudieredesign.com

“Fresh Picked” means to me picking the veggies myself, right out of the garden. I composed the veggies in my piece where I would envision them in my garden – waiting to be picked in their full glory. I selected veggies where both the roots and leaves are edible, so I wanted to show them both above and below ground. Last fall is the first year I had a successful harvest of beets, so I have a special interest in this vegetable at the moment. There are still a few hanging on for dear life through the winter.


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6 thoughts on “Diane Marie Chaudiere of Woodinville, WA. 2010 Calendar Contest Winner

  1. I love this piece!!  The dimension is just incredible… makes me want to go out and plant a vege garden!  how did you achieve the rocky soil texture??  LOVE IT!!!!

  2. So much texture and beautiful color…I just want to reach out and touch!  I have never quilted, but I love applique and will be attending my first quilting class on Camano Island (Stanwood) next week.   Owner of shop has explained that it is important to learn the disciplines and procedures of quilting first; then onto applique.  Wish me luck and thanks for sharing your beautiful art.