Discharged Fabric with Bleach and Rubber Stamps!


This is an easy and simple way to discharge fabric so that you can add that extra spice to your future quilts. It is a great way to use all of your handcut stamps that you have around your house in your stash!

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3 thoughts on “Discharged Fabric with Bleach and Rubber Stamps!

  1. YEAH!!! MY VIDEO IS FINALLY POSTED! This is such a huge honor for me, it has been a long time dream to be apart of the Q&A site!


    THANK-YOU,THANK-YOU,THANK-YOU,THANK-YOU,THANK-YOU,THANK-YOU, to the wizards that be for all of your help at the Q&A site!

  2. Great video, Smidgen! I have been curious about discharging so this took a lot of the mystery out of it.  And I love to hand carve stamps. Thanks for showing me a new way to use my stamps and a simple way to discharge fabric. Can’t wait to try it!

  3. You are SoOoOo WeLcOmE! I love making videos to help others out to do fun things with fabric! I also love quick and easy ways of doing something different and out of the box!