Diving Deep Into the Stream

     “Diving Deep into the Stream of Love and Connection" (27”W x  32.5”T  x  1”D) was created after having spent an amazing weekend with a boyfriend out in CA. The connection between us at the time had the sense of two beings, in perfect union, diving into a beautiful stream. Freefalling into an experience was a new sensation for me at the time and the rush of that feeling still makes me smile. While he and I don’t correspond much anymore, I do thank him for the memories.

       I used parallel iridescent ribbons to symbolize the two of us diving from puffy lace clouds in the upper right. A lush landscape was created out of silk maidenhead fern leaves and dyed shell leaves. Olive colored cat eyes and Miracle beads give a shine to the foliage. Moiré lace in the water gives a shimmer to the stream, much like the interior of an abalone shell. There are places on the banks of the stream where one could rest after having been for a delightful swim. I do love the landscapes I create!

      DETAIL PHOTO below in the "Comments" section.

     You can see more of my art quilts on my web site at www.fiberfantasies.com

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7 thoughts on “Diving Deep Into the Stream

  1. I think you did a beautiful job on the quilt.  I also love your explanation of why you put things where on the quilt.  How many beads do you think you used on it???  And your love for what you create shows on this quilt.  Thanks for sharing it with us.  Peggy

  2. Dear Peggy, thanks so much for your kind comments. I tend to be a bit obsessive when it comes to the beading, so a 1″ square takes 1 hour to complete. As to how many beads, I have no idea. My usual comment is “Why settle for a few beads when four thousand will make a much bigger statement!” Some of my finished quilts, while averaging maybe 36″ x 42″ weigh about 25 pounds.

  3. Wow!!!  That is impressive!!!  I too am a bit obessive…..one flower can have over 65 pieces, and we are talking a small flower…..I think your quilts are wonderful and very creative.  And I really do think your love signs through all of them.  Have a wonderful weekend.  Peggy

  4. I too have done scuba diving and you certainly did a good job of creating the right feeling!  Well done!!!….PS: “There will always be other fish in the sea to swim with”…if you get my drift.   We look forward to seeing more of your creations.

  5. I am so impressed with your work! I browsed through your web pages and knowing just how long it takes to do a work like these, I am astounded by how many you have!! They are all so beautiful. So glad you commented on my work as that is how I found yours! Again, amazing art!!