Down Lawson’s Fork

A thread painting on Habutai silk of Lawson's Fork Creek in Spartanburg County, SC; based on a photo by Craig Lee and used with his permission as part of an arts grant to create ten landscape quilts and five thread paintings of historic and notable landmarks in our county.

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15 thoughts on “Down Lawson’s Fork

  1. This is beautiful, and wonderfully arranged compostion. Love the one bent stick in the river, and the way the darker green foliage pulls my eye back toward the sunlit area. What is the size?

  2. Thank you!  It’s so good to hear exactly what you like about it!  This piece is a little larger than 5″ x 7″. It is currently being professionally framed and I didn’t measure it before I left it so I don’t have the exact dimensions.  The hoop that is tightened with a screw is only available in an 8″ size so the piece has to be re-hooped as you work on it.  I can’t imagine making a very large one but I may try it one day.