Downtown Gallery

This is a pic of my little gallery downtown Ardmore Oklahoma, it is in a cat walk upstairs of a store called the Wine Depot , a historic building that has been totally restored , the owner wanted artist to put stuff up on display and when she saw my quilts decided I could show them there for as long as I like, now the tables are covered and many more on display ,Its a beautiful space and I love that they have somewhere to be seen,  

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10 thoughts on “Downtown Gallery

  1. This is great. The quilts probably fit right in with the historic nature of the building. I would certainly go out of my way to visit a store like this!

  2. okie Linda the gallery is amazing. I just might drive over to Ardmore , My ex brother in law is a veterinarian in Ardmore and we are still close. He has Arbuckle Animal Hospital, think it is on Commerce. My sister has not lived there in years but their 3 daughters all grew up there and graduated from Ardmore High School. I even know where the train station is, had to find it once at night, in the dark to pick my sister up from the station. Spooky part of town at night!!! LOL

    If I visit the gallery I will leave you a note.


  3. He has a great practice and a good rep here ,  Ardmore is getting better now but night scares me anywhere, Let me know when your in town I’ll meet you somewhere, I’m avoiding the fabric shop right now because I know I will spend money but that would give me a excuse 🙂 

  4. Linda,

    I just wanted to say congratulations, you must be thrilled. Looks like a nice space to hang your work, and your pieces are lovely. 

    Do you have your name and contact info up as well?

    With your work hung so beautifully, great opportunity for press. Try a press release for National Quilting Day in March, and perhaps your area has wine festivals in September.

    Also if the owner would let you sell items, consider handmade patchwork greeting cards or gift cards. I’m sure someone is purchasing wine as a gift, especially around the holidays.  Grapes, vines or any wine motif would probably sell. Even if you stitch some fabrics together, and just include the words grapes, vines or any wine phrase. You could embroider or even stencil it. If you could do it with a price point under $10, you could generate some income. Also put your contact info on the back, like hallmark does with their greeting cards, and you’ll have business cards that people can actually buy.

    Just thought I’d share some of my experiences with you.

    Again Congratulations & Best wishes,

    Linda O

  5. thanks ,it is something eles to walk in there and see my quilts all over like that, I have one being auditioned this weekend,cross your fingers for it ,I should make small pieces,there is  so many big ones and now I’m working on a series of framed Kaleidescope pieces but they are still pricey even at that size but I made craft stuff all my life and I want to do the best contemporary art quilts I can .I have had local press but never anything else and I should try to market myself some but that is so foreign for me and takes time from the quilts 🙂 but thanks for the kind words and nice to meet ya   Linda