This piece, "Dreamscape" © 2002– (41"W x 38"T x 1"D or 104 cm x 97cm x 2.54cm), is based on a dream that I had. Ever since I was a child, I have had fantastic flashes of images, usually in that in between state of sleep and being awake. In this image, which I can still see clearly 15 years later, (2011), I saw a garden scene with a huge tree. While the final piece looks very little like the original that dream was still the beginning of this wonderful work of art.

Off to the side is that huge tree, The Tree of Life has become an important part of my spiritual healing practice. I had a wonderful time sewing down all of the countless beads to make the trunk and roots. It felt as if that lines came together to make the body of the tree in much the same way that xylem and phloem converge in a real plant. In my dream, the atmosphere of the piece was intricately faceted, and I tried to make the "air" in this quilted piece simulate that memory. Sunlight lickers off of golden flowers and the air is thick with shining beads with intricate, cut surfaces.



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