Duchess Scary

This piece was created after departing from my usual structured, planned style of art quilts. The 3D effect of using a ceramic mask was something I just had to try and I 'went for it' without a plan! The top section of the background is hand made silk paper, and the dress of the Duchess has been created using collage techniques with freestyle stitching between the panels. This piece hangs in my spare bedroom and my daughter (37) thinks she is really scary hence the name. In fact, the last time my daughter stayed with me she hung a cotton serviette over her face so she could sleep!!!  Oh dear.. methinks I had better try again!

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2 thoughts on “Duchess Scary

  1. If scary is what you were going for, you have achieved it.  I was just thinking she would give me the willy’s if she hung in my bedroom.  She’s like one of those old portraits handed down in the family of scary Uncle James or Aunt Ethel… 🙂

    As for the technique… wonderful!  Love the background behind her head and her face has been done so nicely…

    Congratulations of your departure from the norm… it always pays to experiment.  The thing may not always turn out but you will always learn something from it and that is priceless!