Elena Kazmier Radock


This piece is an original drawn interpretation of the photograph. The swan is appliqued gun metal satin and organza, stiched in silver metalic and hand painted. 

Her nest is appliqued cotton metallic and thread sketched in metalic threads, and is embelished with twigs and hand-dyed and painted feathers. Her precious eggs are swaroski crystal beads. The water and grass are free-motion quilted with polyester threads. 


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47 thoughts on “Elena Kazmier Radock

  1. I wouldn’t have suspected to become a member of a quilting community a couple of days ago !

    But I acknowledge such a work of Art required both display and support.

    Have you planned to hang it somewhere at home ? What about next to the bar (it must be finished by now, right?). It would commmingle Arts & Spirits. Or Spirits and Arts? Whatever, I think it works both ways.

    And you know what, I’m also convinced that, after a couple of drinks with Erik, I could read the swan’s mind!

    Quoiqu’il en soit, Bravo pour la belle ouvrage.

    And I hope these words find both of you well.

    Amicalement, Alex.

  2. Elena, this is beautiful work! You multi-talented, girl, you!  Congrats on a gorgeous piece and I hope you win the sewing machine. Looks like you are close … best, Sue

  3. Wow Elana I’m so glad your going to win, your piece is stunning. I love it, I started to make mine w/ organzia but this swan wanted to be made it’s way. I wish I could see your piece in person. I want to touch it, it touches me. That to me is a true Artis.

  4. Terri (and everyone else),

    Thank you so much for the compliments!

    With such amazing competition, I cannot assume that I have won. But I am cautiously hopeful.