"Elvis" Quilt

This was a quilt challenge through my Contemporary Quilter's group. The challenge was "humerous quilts". My quilt shows my cat, Elvis, (who weighs 20 pouds and thinks he owns my sewing machine), making a quilt. I didn't take this photo. It was taken at an art camp I taught textiles at this summer for 4th thru 6th graders. My students are gathered around me. The top of the quilt says "ELVIS " THE CAT" TAKES OVER THE SEWING MACHINE . It is all in 3D. The picture of him in the sewing machine even has a real needle in the needle holder and a real spool of thread threaded through it. He has made a quilt with all cat fabric and has used cat buttons in the center of each square. But, he's learned he doesn't like to quilt. The bubble above his head says "Quilting is Sure Boring What Can I Sew Instead of Quilts? I photocopied a cat treats bag and a catnip bag and made them into stuffed cloth bags. I added many cat toys around him and used Kreinik's iron-on ribbon to connect the all of the things he's thought of to sew. The background fabric is some of my own hand-dyed fabric, and the top and bottom fabric is a cat batik fabric I found a long time ago and finally got to use. The binding is also cat fabric with sayings on it like "finicky kitty", "calico kitten", "cuddly cat", "cool cat", "meow" and many, many more phrases. I you are standing close to the quilt you can actually read the phrases! I'm not sure how I managed to get all 4 sides of the binding right, but they are! I love this quilt because Elvis really does think he owns my machine. He sits behind the machine on an extra table I have in back of it and slowly sneaks up until he is right behind it. I push him back, but he keeps sneaking up. The picture of him was taken when I turned around from ironing something and found him actually in the sewing machine. I have a Janome and there's plenty of room between the needle and the side for him to sit in. The quilt hung with all the other members quilts in a special exhibit we have every year at the MInnesota Quilters Quilt Show. Every year we have a new theme and it's wonderful to start thinking of what you are going to do. I noticed that when people were by my quilt they often pulled the tail on the purple snake!

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