After being ill for a year and a half I am emerging into active living. I made this art quilt utilizing brighter colors than the muted colors I have used in the past and freeform rotary cutting, fitting together the parts until it seemed to be done. 

I seem to see figures reaching upward,and feel movement, but am not sure where to go with this. I keep hanging it up on the design wall and then I take it down. Is it ready to be quilted? Does it need embellishment, painting?

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2 thoughts on “emergence

  1. Don’t dilute those strong, free-standing orange-ish shapes with more of the same. Instead, use quilting to unify the images—color variations and directions—for example, orange stripes to repeat the theme of the blue stripes. Repeat the feel of the small blue free forms using purple, orange, and red stippled areas. Or, use a grid of warm colored dots (French knots?) to isolate or unify areas of blue. What a fascinating puzzle you’ve created!

  2. Your quilt is beautiful !!!  Full of vibrant but not overwhelming colors and intruiging movement.  Fresh and invigorating !!  Especially love the use of the stripes and dots to add movement and sparkle.

    It makes me feel as if I’m taking a walk through the woods on a crisp sunny winter day and have just stepped over a ridge and discovered an enchanting tree lined stream.  A thin layer of ice gleams on top of the ice but is so clear I can see water running beneath it.  The sunlight on the trees adds a warm comforting atmosphere and a “place” to rest.   Like coming inside for hot cocoa after playing outside in the snow.

    In keeping with those feelings, I would quilt a “flowing water” style with variegated blue thread in the lower portion of the quilt and then blend the quilting into a brown variegated thread and mimic leaves in the upper portion of the quilt.

    Of course, those are simply my suggestions and what I see in your work.  Art is truly self expression – your thoughts, not mine.  I truly wish I could see your quilt in person. I believe it would draw me in and I would discover even more beautiful aspects in it. … what color are the rocks below the ice-capped water? … are fish darting around in the deeper pockets of water?  … can I find an empty bird’s next in the branches of a tree?  … did a deer stop by for a drink this morning?

    Most of all – enjoy your wonderful creation!