Emily’s Wedding Pillow

I made this wedding pillow two years ago for my niece Emily's ring-bearer's pillow – honouring her request for me to use "significant family fabrics" which I am privileged to have. Two ivory silk quilt sandwiches backed with muslin and filled with cotton quilt batting, sewn together and stuffed to form a pillow. I wrote messages and family names on the muslin and stitched meaningful mementos inside before stitching the 'pillow' shut and finishing the edges with seed beads. Base fabrics, silk, beads, cream and green fresh-water pearls and purple garnet bead from my collection. Purple flower, representing the bride's favourite colour, embroidered from a 70-year old transfer that belonged to the bride's paternal great-grandmother using purple and green antique silk embroidery thread given to me by the bride's mother. Top silk pillow covered with a lace handkerchief belonging to the bride's maternal great-grandmother. Handkerchief then topped with a small hand-embroidered doily from the bride's paternal great-aunt's collection of family handwork. Various laces, trims and fabrics belonging to the bride's maternal and paternal family. Often used during beading – gold thimble from the bride's maternal great-great grandmother. Family silver thimbles and scissors.

The 2 1/2" wide lace from the bride's paternal great-grandmother's collection (which was on the back of the pillow for the ringbear's hands) was removed a couple of hours before the wedding and sewn to the bodice of the bride's simple ivory silk gown to prevent an embarrassing moment!

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