Etude de Chat en Violet

The intent, focused gaze of this Himalayan cat intrigued me.  I designed this quilt from a photograph provided by the owner.  I used all commercial cotton fabrics for his body, and a perfectly matched silk for his eyes as I liked the sheen and depth of it.  The technique is all applique/reverse applique with satin stitched raw edges.  I use tear-away stabilizer for the satin stitching.  Once it's gone, the fabric has a nice flexible feel and you get good depth with the quilting.  Once the quilt is sandwiched, I stitch invisible thread around each piece to accentuate the detail – this step, while it takes awhile, really makes the portrait come alive.

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2 thoughts on “Etude de Chat en Violet

  1. This is stunning.  The detail is superb.  It also plays my heart strings becuase I have a grey cat with green eyes who looks very much like this.  She often has exactly this look on her face….and isn’t that amazing, that you could so accurately capture the subtleties of facial expression in this quilt.  Brava!